1500kg to 10000kg Ratchet Straps. Price ranging from TT$2880.00 for 24 pieces



  • TT$2,880
  • Listing Type: Heavy Equipment , Heavy Equipment
  • Trans: Manual

Our range of  1500 ratchet straps are designed to offer the user easy one-handed tightening and safe anchoring of your loads across various applications. These ratchet straps have a minimum break strength of 1500kg and are available in either 4m, 6m, 8m and 12m lengths. Each of the 1500kg ratchet straps is 25mm wide and comes in blue. 1500kg ratchet straps are suitable for a number of tie down purposes such as securing loads in shipping containers and trailers. The soft polyester webbing adjusts to the shape of your load and is strong without causing damage. The design of the ratchet buckle means that when you want to release your load one simple pushing motion of the handle releases the spindle. TT$ 2880.00 = 24PIECES.

When you need to secure lighter bulky loads to the bed of a lorry or inside a trailer for transport or for storage our range of 2000kg ratchet straps are ideal. It is simple to tighten the ratchet strap with one hand to achieve the desired level of tension. On arrival at the destination the load is easily released by pushing up the handle.
The 2000kg ratchet straps are available in both 4m and 6m lengths, each ratchet strap is 50mm wide and comes in either white or blue. The heavy duty but soft polyester webbing allows your loads to be secured without damage. TT$ 2880.00 = 24PIECES

Our 3000kg ratchet straps can be used for securing medium-weight loads for storage or transportation. The hooks at the ends of the ratchet straps allow loads to be anchored to the inside of trailers and trucks, for example. The ratchet straps are constructed using heavy duty polyester webbing that is soft to allow it to be rolled up for storage and to conform to the shape of loads. As the name suggests these 3000kg ratchet straps have a strength rating of 3000kgs. They are available in 4m, 6m, 8m and 12m lengths. All the straps in this range are 38mm wide and the webbing is blue. TT$ 4080.00 = 24PIECES

To easily secure your bulky loads for transport or storage use ratchet straps. Our range of 4000kg ratchet straps are ideal for use with heavy items that you need to anchor to the floor of a flatbed truck or inside a trailer. This range of heavy duty ratchet straps have a minimum break strength of 4000kg. While the soft polyester webbing of the strap is flexible so has the ability to conform to the shape of the load. The Ratchet Shop stock 4000kg ratchet straps in 4m, 6m, 8m and 10m lengths. Each of these ratchet straps are 50mm wide and come in a vivid blue colour. TT$ 4680.00 = 24PIECES

We stock  a wide range of heavy duty ratchet straps, including 5000kg ratchet straps that are designed with ease and convenience in mind. 5000kg ratchet straps can be easily tightened and released using one hand. The webbing is made from soft, yet highly durable, polyester that has a strength rating of 5000kg. This range includes ratchet straps in 4m to 20m lengths; 4m to 20m webbing parts with hooks; and ratchet handles by themselves. 5000kg ratchet straps are used for tying down loads for either transportation or storage to ensure that they are secure. TT$ 4200.00 = 12PIECES

With a strength rating of 8000kg, this range of ratchet straps is ideal for various tie downs, such as securing machinery to the inside of a trailer ready for short or long term transit. 8000kg ratchet straps are available in 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m lengths. The blue webbing is 75mm wide and constructed from malleable polyester that is hard wearing. 8000kg ratchet straps are simple to use and offer easy one handed tensioning. The hooks at the end of the ratchet straps allow easy anchoring to connectors often found on the walls and ceilings of trucks and trailers. TT$ 8100.00 = 12PIECES

For securing the heaviest loads we offer 10,000kg ratchet straps. These come in lengths of 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m and are 100mm wide. These heavy duty ratchet straps are made from durable, soft polyester that is flexible at any angle. 10,000kg ratchet straps are ideal for securing bulky loads for transport or storage. Ensuring loads are securely tied down is vital for ensuring safety; reducing the risk of injury and damage to the loads. Our 10,000kg ratchet straps offer easy one handed tensioning and once you’re ready to release the load a simple push of the handle releases the spindle. TT$ 9720.00 = 12 PIECES

280x198_1500KG 280x198_3000kg 280x198_5000kg 280x198_10000kg 280x210_2t-Ratchet-Strap-White 280x220_4t-ratchet-strap 280x231_8T-Ratchet-With-Hooks


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